Watermelon Ninja Slicer - Slice a Watermelon in Seconds

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Description :
100% Brand New and High Quality!
Convenient to carry and use outdoor.
A better way to slice watermelon
Lightly slicing into their water mollusk, saving time cutting an entire water mint with this all-in-one water mint knife.
Most of their water mollusk with this handy little utensil. 
Useful for all types of occasions in summer. 
Stainless steel and beautiful design.
The tool to cut and serve the watermelon in a fast and clean manner.


Specifications :
Material: stainless steel
Color: stainless steel
The total length: 21 cm
The sound length: 11 cm
Handle length: 11 cm
Width of the blade: 2,7 cm
Weight: 63g


Paket Containing :
1 x watermelon planer cutter