NoBark™ - Ultrasonic Barking Silencer

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The list of what can send a dog on a barking tirade seems endless at times. Not only is excessive barking a serious problem for dog owners, resulting in stress, headaches and sometimes even a fine, it can also be a sign that something is bothering your pup. So after you sure there is no real problem with your dog, you can use the NoBark™ - Ultrasonic Barking Silencer to easily stop your dog barking. 

The NoBark™ - Ultrasonic Barking Silencer is a voice-activated wall-hook device that triggers the ultrasonic circuit through dog calls and emits a harsh ultrasonic wave for 8 seconds (people can't hear it, dogs can hear it), making the dog feel uncomfortable with no harm.
After many iterations, the dog set up conditional reflexes and realized that the sound was caused by his own arrogance. Thereafter, the dog will not bark without a reason. 
In order to be kind to the dog, the product adopts a sound accumulation (integration circuit) triggering method. That is to say, a monophonic barking or a short noise around, will not trigger. Under normal circumstances, only three or more consecutive calls will trigger.
Because the product needs to be in a powered state for a long time, it does not use a battery. Instead, it is powered by commercial power and is equipped with a power adapter.

Main Features:

  • The NoBark™ - Ultrasonic Barking Silencer will be triggered only after more than three barkings, effectively filter out some false triggering caused by environmental noise or dog occasionally bark.
  • Ultrasonic waves can't be heard by a human, therefore it is not disturbing for your daily activities. 
  • Safe for your dog and for you.  
  • Easy to install on the wall. 
  • Come with a rotary wall holder, which makes the device can rotate 360 degrees freely.


  • Material: ABS
  • Power Supply: DC 8.4V, 500mA
  • Power Adapter Input Voltage: AC 100V~240V
  • Size: 7*13*5cm / 2.8*5.1*2 In

Package Include:

  • 1*NoBark™ - Ultrasonic Barking Silencer 
  • 1*Power Adapter 
  • 1*Mounted holder
  • 1*Accessories set
  • 1*User manual

How to use it:

  • Place the item 1~2 meters far away from the kennel, note keeping from the rain and humidity, assuring people cannot access easily.
  • Drilling holes on the wall according to the wall mounting plate, and then insert the plastic base and fitting wall mounting plate using the screws.
  • A power socket is needed around this item.
  • Adjust the item's direction to the dog activity area.
  • Plug the adapter, turn on the item, completed.


  • Do not install in damp, leaking sunlight and easy to encounter place.
  • The device's work performance will be affected by environmental noise, work distance, and the volume of the dog's bark.
  • If there is loud and lasted noise around, highly suggest that you had better not use this product, the noise environment will affect this product using life. 


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