Nibbler360™ - Ultimate Handheld Nibbler

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  • Straight cutting and curve cutting capable
  • This dual head air Nibbler360™ is to be used with an electric drill or air drill
  • Capable of cutting any kind of thin metal
  • Double cutting head and 360 degrees adjustable

    • Excellent cutting effect without any burrs and edges
    • Ergonomic design handle for comfort
    • Durable, efficient and safe
    • Compact size, easy to operate and labor-saving
    • Suitable for car repair, maintenance, and metal sheet productions
    • Maximum cutting capacities: steel plate 1.8mm, stainless steel 1.0mm, copper/aluminum plate 2mm, plastic/fibreboard 2mm

      • Speed: 1500 - 3000rpm
      • Minimum cutting radius: 12mm


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