Ultimate Buff™ Microfiber Cloth (10pcs) - 30*30cm Soft Car Microfiber Towel

  • $19.99 USD
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Ready to start getting everything cleaner with less effort? Try the new Ultimate Buff™ Microfiber Cloth now! You’ve heard people say “work smarter, not harder”, right? They were talking about this cleaning cloth.

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  • Comes with 10 towels. 
  • Truly an all-purpose, multi-surface towel, now you can dust, scrub, clean, polish, and dry your entire home, office, and car! Clean everything, even windows, with just one towel… and clean effectively without added chemicals.
  • Find out what cleaning pros already know; Ultimate Buff™ Microfiber Cloth isn’t ordinary microfiber. It’s a real premium product that just cleans better than other microfibers. It’s thicker, softer, and more absorbent.
  • They’re designed for cleaning pros who demand more performance and more durability from their cleaning products. Ultimate Buff™ Microfiber Cloth is designed to be effective for over 500 launderings.