Tire Seal™ - Tubeless Tire Leak Kit

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A flat tire along the way certainly gives you a headache especially if you're not prepared for it. Feel less worried about having a flat tire when on a long trip if you have this Tire Seal™ - Tubeless Tire Leak Kit. This toolkit allows you to remove the object that caused the puncture, coat with a rubber cement and insert the repair string to block the hole so you can go to a tire repair shop to fully repair your tire.


  • Will let you repair the puncture quickly and effectively.
  • The best companion for a long sideways ride. 
How to use:
  • Remove the object that caused the tire puncture.
  • Insert the rasp into the hole, push and pull the rasp to roughen and clean the edges.
  • Coat the needle with the rubber cement, and spread the cement on the hole.
  • Insert the repair string into the hole to seal it.
  • Do not try to repair any sidewall puncture.


Please note that this repair kit should not be used to fix tires with punctures bigger than 1/4', and should only be used as a temporary fix, to allow you to reach your destination safely then you can repair your tire permanently.


Package Includes:
1 x Rasp tool
1 x Split-eye insertion needle
1 x Rubber cement
3 x tire repair strip