The Ultimate Cat Scratcher Bed

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Most cat lovers will agree that cats are not just pets. They are very much part of the family. These fluffy felines are lovable and affectionate, love to play games with their owners and other cats, and are just charming creatures. They give us friendship and companionship ever since we humans began to domesticate them, so it makes complete sense that we would want to keep out feline friends healthy and happy. Knowing this, it is important that pet owners have a special place for their beloved pet to sleep and relax on their own.

Some cats are able to sleep for 15-18 hours a day but many pet owners think that pet beds are an unnecessary luxury and believe that their pets can just make do with the floor or even share the bed with them. However, providing for cats a bed of their own may be more important than most realize. Cat beds provide them instant comfort because, well, can you just imagine sleeping on the floor every day and night? No good right? It also helps with potential skin problems that might occur on your pet. Pet beds provide relief from pressure when your kitty sleeps and rests on hard surfaces and rubbing their elbow skin too hard, ultimately preventing ulcers of the skin and injuries.

Our Ultimate Cat Scratcher Bed is the perfect enhancement you can give to your pet’s quality of life. It is a bed as well as a scratcher that promotes claw health for cats, as it helps you cat shet loose layers from their claws and also reduces stress. It comes in a beautiful and modern design that is completely eco-friendly. Made out of corrugated cardboard paper, it sports a high-density honeycomb mesh for the bed itself. It is tough and durable in its own way but the firmness has enough given so as not to hurt the cat’s claws. This cat bed is suitable for cats that weigh up to 10 pounds and is best placed out of high traffic areas but still well within view of family members.

The Ultimate Cat Scratcher Bed may seem like an innocuous enough piece of furniture. It is after all a shaped board covered made out of durable cardboard. Yet this simple item, being a bed and scratcher in one, can help reduce headaches associated with cat ownership by helping you redirect your cat’s natural tendencies and unwanted behaviors and thus improving your cat’s health and your other furniture, as well as keeping your cat comfy and cozy in your home.

 Size: Diameter - 35cm, height - 10cm