Two Men Contemplating the Moon (Caspar David Friedrich) - Van-Go Paint-By-Number Kit

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Two Men Contemplating the Moon (German: Zwei Männer in Betrachtung des Mondes) and Man and Woman Contemplating the Moon are a series of similar paintings by Caspar David Friedrich, the setting being among his best-known works. Friedrich painted at least three versions, with one variation featuring a man and a woman. The 1819–20 version in the Galerie Neue Meister is thought to be the original; the c. 1824 variant with a woman is in the Alte Nationalgalerie; and the c. 1830 version is in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

These German Romantic landscape paintings feature two figures in a dark forest silhouetted by a pastel sky. The works' dark foregrounds and lighter backgrounds create a sharp contrast. The sky suggests that the time is around dusk, with the waxing crescent moon close to setting. A dead uprooted tree's dark roots and branches contrast with the sky. The jagged branches and stark contrasts seem to create a threatening environment for the figures, and are reminiscent of the imposing Gothic style seen originally in the medieval era, but revived in the Romantic era. The same can be said of the dark, shadowy trees and rocks surrounding the couple. The figures themselves are dressed in dark colors and stiff, somewhat formal garments, which also serve to signify their higher class. The works emphasize spirituality in nature and the presence of the sublime, which are major themes of Friedrich.

Playwright Samuel Beckett, standing before Man and Woman Contemplating the Moon, said: "This was the source of Waiting for Godot, you know."


Paint by Number kits 

Paint by Number kits aren’t just for kids. Our Paint by Number kits for adults feature real canvases with detailed line art to fill in. Each section is labeled with a small number to show you the correct paint color so artists of all ages and experience levels can achieve impressive results. Imagine color by numbers taken to the next level!

We carefully handpick every design to offer you a splendid and unique paint. Using our Canvas by Numbers Paint By Numbers Kits is more than just a hobby. It's the best way to discover your artistic talent and have a relaxing, rewarding, and enjoyable experience.


  • Get this do-it-yourself Van-Go paint by number kit and make this your next creative project!
  • This kit is custom designed for creative artists who want to test their skills!
  • Follow the patterns provided, or let your inner artist free and make your own creations!
  • Measures - see below.
  • Includes 1 x canvas, 3 x nylon brushes, and 1 x set of acrylic paints.

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