The Magic Garlic Cube Chopper

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Had Enough Of Those Terrible Quality Garlic & Veggie Slicers Already? 
Good. It's about time you stopped wasting your time & money on all those good for nothing gadgets. 


We proudly present you with The Magic Garlic Cube Chopper  - a good quality, and actual cutting tool for your garlic and other vegetables & fruit.


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Main Features:

EASY TO USE, STRENGTH NOT REQUIRED. Effortlessly cut through even the toughest garlic, fruit, or vegetable. Takes almost no effort to push down the top and - hey presto! Comes with 2 different blades that can chop the garlic into a minced shape or bar shape as you like. Save a lot of your time!  
CLEAN-UP IS A BREEZE. Cleaning your Garlic Press is much easier than its traditional stainless steel cousin. No need to spend ages removing bits that are stuck in awkward places because all parts can be dissembled. Can be washed by a dishwasher without problems.
FITS WELL WITH OTHER UTENSILS IN YOUR KITCHEN. This is a neutral green and white color. It fits in your drawer. It really doesn't take up too much space.