StreamBooster™ - The Best Shower Technology Available to Boost Water Pressure

  • $26.99 USD
  • Save $23.00 USD

The StreamBooster™ utilizes the best shower technology available to boost shower water pressure. After an easy installation, you can enjoy up to a 200% increase in water pressure with up to a 35% decrease in water wasting. Furthermore, the StreamBooster™ makes the water you use cleaner by eliminating Chlorine & Bacteria. 




  • Install with Ease - Easy to install, just a few steps, works on any showerhead.
  • Increase Water Pressure Up To 200% - perfect for a strong message to end the day, instantly relax and soothe the tension of your body.


  • Conserve Water Usage Up To 35% - instantly saves you money! Using the latest Pinhole and Throttling technology.
  • Purify Water From Bacteria - eliminates Chlorine & Bacteria, purifying the water you use that's absorbed by your body. You're sure to be sparkling clean and refreshed. Good for your health!



  • Easy Cleaning - features a transparent, see-through design and high-density filter that's removable for easy cleaning. Enjoy a relaxing shower with our showerhead for years.
  • Hot & Cold Water Control - switch easily between hot and cold water.