SmartBoard™ - Slim Foldable Wireless Keyboard For Tablets And Smartphones

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Our recent advancements in technology have been nothing short of extraordinary.
But, let’s be honest. These tiny touch screens can be aggravating, annoying, and grossly inefficient.
Whether you’re on your iPhone, and iPad, or any other kind of smartphone, it doesn’t matter.
Nothing beats the feeling of a nice and responsive keyboard to help you get down to business.
That’s why we now have the SmartBoardTM , a slim wireless keyboard that you can carry around with you wherever you go.
What makes this so easy to carry around?
Well, aside from it being REALLY thin, it can also fold, making it supremely handy and compact!
Just slip it into your back pocket and pull it out whenever you find it necessary.
The keyboard is also Bluetooth compatible so it’s 100% wireless, making it even easier to use than you could have possibly imagined.
Another amazing feature is that it has a rechargeable built-in battery with stand by time of more than 60 days. 
Once you order, you’ll finally be able to connect this keyboard to your tablet or smartphone at any time of the day in almost no time at all.
Never again will you have to deal with the slow-moving smartphone touch screens when you really need to write out an important email.
Now, you can simply pop open your keyboard, quickly connect it to your phone, and voila, you are good to go.
Main Features: 
  • Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 for super-fast connection and impeccable responsiveness, allowing for a perfect experience no matter where you are.

  • An ultra-sensitive touchpad mouse, ensuring you a smooth ride while keeping you in complete control.

  • Innovative folding design, making it very portable and handy with expansion size of only: 29.5*8.5*0.8cm and bare weight of just 0.18kg 

  • Scissor type keys allow you a pleasurable typing experience every single time.

  • Low-power consumption, support automatic sleep mode for long battery life.

  • Works with most Bluetooth supported devices and is 100% compatible with the 3 major operating systems: iOS/Android/Windows.