MaxStore4U Silicone Finger Heat Resistant Mitts -Keep Your Hands from Burns

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The Secret to Safer Cooking and Grilling

Tired of burning your fingers when you cook and grill? Have you purchased other cooking gloves that become too slippery to hold food? Or get wet inside and lose their heat retardant qualities or worse, get wet on the outside and scald your hands?

These Silicone Finger Heat Resistant Mitts provide protection against burns, are waterproof even in boiling water, protect up to 200°C degrees and unlike other gloves retain their strong but precise grip due to the textured surface.

Food grade silicone has proven to be the most versatile and safe material for use in food handling, cooking, and grilling accessories!

Stop Burning your hands! This Glove five-fingered glove allows you to handle entire whole chickens, hams, turkeys, roasts during and after cooking, stop dropping them from the point of your meat forks and prongs! 

Silicone Finger Heat Resistant Mitts replace your cloth oven mitts that aren't waterproof and never look clean after the first wash.

Simply wash the Silicone Finger Heat Resistant Mitts with your dishes or in your dishwasher! They retain their vivid color and never lose their shape!


  • One glove in one size
  • Brand new and excellent quality.
  • Suitable for indoors and outside.
  • Premium food-grade silicone
  • Rinse clean in seconds and are dishwasher safe
  • Cooking made easy
  • Withstand up to 200°C
  • The versatile precision grip can pick up a pin
  • Great for opening jars
  • Melt-Proof
  • Waterproof



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