Shiny Wheel™ - The Perfect Car Wheel Polishing Cone

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The Shiny Wheel™  - is the Perfect Car Wheel, Polishing Cone. It has a unique design for polishing both paintwork and metals. The cone available in a wide range of strength from soft to hard, and it simply attaches to a regular drill. 

The conical shape makes them perfect for polishing both wheels and exhaust tips and any other awkward areas.


  • Best for automotive wheel polishing.
  • Unique cone-shape, great for use on uneven surfaces. 
  • Can be used on wheels, fenders, bumpers & other hard to reach spots. 
  • Can be used repeatedly after cleaning, for long period. 
  • Turn your power drill into a versatile polishing tool for cars, boats & motorcycles. 
  • 3 levels of stiffness: Yellow - Hard, Blue - Medium, Orange - soft. 


  • Suitable for waxing, polishing, Seal glaze.
  • Pneumatic or electric polishing machines all can be used.
  • Waxing: It is recommended to use 1000-1500 turns/min.
  • Polishing: It is recommended to use 1500-2000 turns/min.
  • In order to guarantee the polishing effect, the vehicle must be thoroughly cleaned before waxed.


    • Material: Sponge & plastic
    • Dimensions: 6mm (shank diameter), 28mm(handle length)
    • Sponge maximum diameter: 80mm
    • Sponge minimum diameter: 34mm
    • Sponge Length: 87mm


      • 1 x Shiny Wheel™  - The Perfect Car Wheel Polishing Cone