Sealant Fix Pro™ - Super Adhesive & Quick Drying Magic Glue - 2PCS

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Sealant Fix Pro™ is a super glue that is well known for it's incredible, industrial holding power and versatility. No more drilling or damaging your tiles anymore! Sealant Fix Pro™ sticks even better compared to screws, with high elasticity, anti-vibration, and waterproof features. This powerful strong glue can fix for stationery, glass, jewelry, crystal, and much more. This glue is almost the ultimate glue!


  • EASY TO USE - Simply apply to any surface, it will do the job! Can be used with Frosted Glass, marble, lacquer wood, smooth metal plate, ceramic tile, mosaics, and more.  
  • Made of MS Polymer - Containing the most superior MS Polymer on the market.  
  • SUPER STRONG - Can support up to 100 kg weight!!!
  • ECO-FRIENDLY - No nail era. Without formaldehyde, Non-toxic, no solvent, no pollution. Environmentally friendly and harmless.
  • FAST BOND - It takes 12 hours to dry the nailless glue and it can be waterproof after curing. 
  • WATERPROOF, MOISTUREPROOF, and aging resistant.


How to Use:

  • Please clean the surface before use from any oil, water stains, dust, or dirt.
  • Squeeze glue out and use it from the middle to outward. Avoid as bubbles as possible.
  • Wait 5 minutes without moving the objects. After 20 minutes, objects can be moved. After 30 minutes glue solidifying completed.
  • Please note that different temperature and surfaces result in different solidifying time, from 30 minutes to 12 hours.


Package Includes:

2PCS X Sealant Fix Pro™ - Super Adhesive & Quick Drying Magic Glue

★ Capacity: 12ML/1pc



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