Sealer Magic™ - Fast Sealing Machine for Plastic Bags

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Sealing any plastic bag in the kitchen is as easy as one slide. The Sealer Magic is a light and thin system that lets you twist and seal the different sizes of bags in one simple motion. It is ideal to reseal opened bags of bread and other foods and sealing of garbage bags

Sealer Magic™ Can Seal Small Baggies and Heavy Duty Large Bags in One Single Motion

If you’ve ever had a bag you needed to seal, this handy device seals bags of all sizes; from freezer bags, nappy bags, to bin bags! Keep your bread and other food items fresh for longer; and your rubbish bags securely closed with a little help from Sealer Magic!

Slide to seal any bag in a single, simple motion. Simply twist the neck of any bag and then push the neck of the bag down through the slot on the Sealer Magic, the bag is now sealed.

Sealer Magic Can Be Installed Anywhere in Your Kitchen

Sealer Magic can be used on a worktop or table – or it can be mounted on the inside of a cupboard or on the side of a kitchen unit depending on your usage and preference. It can also discretely store in your drawer when not in use.


  • Size: approx. 19 * 15 * 2.5 cm/7.48x5.91x0.98 in
  • Color:  Red, Green

Package includes:

1 x Sealer Magic™ - Fast Sealing Machine for Plastic Bags



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