MIGHTYTAPE™ – Magic High Strength Double Sided Transparent Adhesive Tape - 3 Meters

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 The MightyTape™ is an all-powerful high strength double-sided adhesive tape that can be used on a broad range of surfaces. Unlike any type of tape you’ve seen before this double-sided adhesive tape has an incredibly strong sticking adherence, tough to withstand water (waterproof), and heavy-duty making MightyTape™ uses virtually endless. It’s the biggest, strongest, toughest thing to happen to any ordinary tape.

Mighty Tape™ – High Strength Double Sided Adhesive Tape - Goldycart.com


  • Can withstand humidity & High temperatures
  • Waterproof
  • High peel-off strength
  • High initial adherence
  • Super Transparent
  • Strong Viscosity – Being thick, and sticky MightyTape™ is double-coated allowing it to adhere to a variety of surfaces.
  • Safe to Use – Designed with Acrylic (synthetic resins and textile fibers) raw material, MightyTape™ is environmentally friendly, making our tape safe to use for the whole family.
  • Endless Possibilities – Our High Strength Double Sided Adhesive Tape has a list of virtually endless application possibilities. Can be used for cars, fixing items around the house, sticking any car accessories, can be used in your kitchen, sticking your LCD displays, picture frames, rubber pads, door panels, billboards, in your office and so much more.


  • Size: 3 meters with 4 width options
  • Material: Raw Acrylic

Package Includes:

1* MightyTape™ – High Strength Double Sided Adhesive Tape


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