Magic Skin Moisture Meter Pen

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Skin Moisture analyzer reads the electrical resistance of your skin that depends on its hydration. The dryer the skin, the higher the resistance. A full of moisture skin will have much lower resistance as water is an excellent electricity conductor. The results on the same spot may vary, as they will depend on many factors - humidity, sweat glands activity, cosmetics, etc.

This Magic Skin Moisture Meter Pen has the latest Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology, with the four functions of testing skin moisture, skin oils, flexibility testing, and skincare absorption effect.

This Magic Skin Moisture Meter Pen can be used as a marketing tool for beauticians or beauty parlors, to help their customers to do a skin test before and after using their moisturizers. It is also can be used as promotional items for a cosmetics company and for personal skincare at home. 


  • Ergonomics design: Lightweight and portable size with a soft handle make it easy for users to hold and to operate.
  • Precise detector: Featured with the latest biotechnology sensor, which can test the Moisture and oil in your skin accurately and quickly.
  • A necessary skincare product: According to the tested data, you can know what is your skin type, hydrated, or oily. This information will help you to know better how to care for your skin. Different skin conditions will be shown by different LED colors, keep you know the health situation of your skin.
  • Safe and reliable: No side-effect or pain during tests.
  • Power by 2*AAA batteries (Not included). 

Operation Guide:

  • In order to obtain accurate results, please make sure that the checked skin area is not too sweaty, dirty, wet, or hairy, and test it under the environment at room temperature.
  • Release the lid.
  • Press the on button to switch on the power, the LCD displays show a constant "00.0%" flashes.
  • After three seconds, two beeps are heard, while "00.0%" stops flashing.
  • Press the Monitor on to the skin and keep it perpendicular to the checking area, (Make sure the Probe is pressed into the Monitor) Hold the Monitor firmly for a few seconds until a single long beep, then read the value.
  • To perform another check, press the “O” button, and then repeat steps 4-5 above.
  • Gently wipe the surface of the Probe with a soft cloth or tissue after each step, then cover the lid. Alcohol and acetone can both be chosen as a cleaner.


  • Color: White, Pink
  • Battery: 2*AAA battery (Not include)
  • Size:14.8*3.4cm
  • Material: Plastic


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