Magic Instant Hair & Beard Fuller Spray Set 25g (Color, Pump and Comb)

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Patch up your bald and thin hair and disguise it to achieve sheen and natural-looking hair with the Instant Beard Fuller Spray.

It is made with natural, colored Keratin protein that is naturally statically charged which effectively intertwines with your existing hair for a completely natural look.

It is 100% natural and undetectable even under ultra-bright lights. It softens and conditions both hair and Fibers optimally. Its fibers adhere to any color and any type of hair, even the finest ones.

With its innovative design, it allows for even distribution of colored fibers and eliminates excess product for a clean finish. Plus, it doesn’t dry out your hair.No more thin hairs when you can just conceal all those bald spots!

  • Instantly achieves thicker and fuller hair.
  • Great for disguising thin hair parts.
  • Covers up roots and hair.
  • Resists wind, rain, and perspiration.
  • Can be removed easily with shampoo.
  • Creates a natural-looking shine.
  • Non-greasy and non-oily formulation.
  • NET WT: 25g.

Regain your confidence and flaunt your full, natural-looking hair with the Instant Beard Fuller Spray Set.


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