AUTOWATER™️ HOSE TIMER - Automatic Sprinkler Watering Garden Control

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Automate your lawn or agriculture and start saving time & money!

AutoWater™️ Hose Timer will turn your hose faucet into a programmed sprinkler system in minutes. No more dead plants because you forgot to water them. No more soggy lawns because you forgot to turn the water off. Just set the timer and go! With a large digital display, oversized dial, and simple controls, programming is fast and easy. Built with high-quality materials and water-resistant construction, you can count on many years of dependable service. One dial allows complete timer control functionality. This timer features simple, easy installation and programming. There is no need for tools. Just set the start time, watering duration and frequency. Plus, the timer retains the program while changing the battery. The large, easy to read dial and LCD screen makes programming easy as ABC!

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Features & Benefits:

  • Rain delay for water conservation
  • Heavy Duty weatherproof construction
  • Runtime from 1-300 minutes (5 hours)
  • Intervals from every 6 hours to once every 7 days
  • Manual override switch to keep programming and allow flexible manual watering
  • Saves water in drought conditions



  • Color: as shown
  • Size (L x W x H): 10x10x6.5 cm
  • Thread size: 2 cm
  • Outlet Screw Diameter: 2 cm, 1 cm
  • Suitable water temperature: 0 to 40 degrees Celsius
  • Working pressure: 0.0-8 kg
  • Watering time: The minimum time for water is one minute, and the longest time is 300 minutes.
  • Power supply: 2x3 V, AA battery (Batteries are not included in the package)

Package List:
1 x Manual in English


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