IronLock™ - Smart Bluetooth Waterproof Padlock

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Lost or misplaced your keys? Or maybe you know where they are and you're just locked out? Don't worry, we've all been there, and now we have the solution - the IronLock™ - Smart Bluetooth Waterproof Keyless Padlock! Simply download the app, pair it with the IronLock™ and you can use it. Keyless design, no need to worry about losing the key anymore. Convenient to use.


  • Keyless Design - You do not have to take the key or remember the password, unlocks the lock via smartphone APP makes this lock much securer, support for iOS or Android system, helps you get rid of worrying about keys losing. 
  • 2 Unlocking Methods - You can use a password or app to unlock, much securer than the traditional lock, very easy to operate. 
  • Track Unlocking History - View all the unlocking history in the app, it will show you the detailed time. 
  • High-Performance Chip - Adopts CC2540 chip, with low consumption, high stability, and fast password recognition speed which only needs 0.5s. 
  • 3 Seconds To Change The Battery - Rotate the back case and open the case in unlocking mode, then you can change the battery. 
  • Compact Size - Compact portable design, widely used for doors, cabinets, bikes, backpacks, storage lockers, etc.


  • Material: Zinc Alloy, 304 stainless steel
  • Unlocking Methods: Password, app
  • Lock Shackle: Zinc alloy
  • Lock Bolt: Bronze
  • Bluetooth Chip: CC2540 chip
  • Induction Time: <0.5s
  • Battery: 2025 button cell
  • Product Weight: 80g


The English Version User Manual Contains The Following Contents:

1. Initial Password And Reset

2. APP Download & QR Code

3. Bind Smart Padlock To APP

4. Unlocking Methods

5. Password Modification

6. Battery Replacement & Emergency Interface Use

APP Download:

1. Search "BOZZYS" (or "bozzys padlock") in App Store / Google Play, download, and install. (Or scan the QR code on the user manual, then download)
(English ver. APP has been added in App Store / Goggle Play)

2. The lowest version requires android 4.0; IOS 7.0; Bluetooth 4.0

Padlock Binding:

1. First time open the APP, set the software graphics unlock password;

2. Press the Bluetooth padlock wake-up button;

3. Click the phone to add the Bluetooth lock and complete;

4. Enter the initial password to complete the unlock, click management to modify the password;

Unlock Method:
1. Password Key Unlock: Enter the keyboard password normally.
2. APP Manually Unlock: Press the wake-up button, Click the "unlock" on APP to complete the unlocking.
3. APP Automatically Unlock: Click "Management" on APP, activate the "Automatic unlock setting" function. Then press the wake-up button, the padlock automatically opens. (Must be on the conditions that the mobile Bluetooth is open and APP is running in the background.)

Package Included:

1 x Intelligent Padlock (Box Packing)
1 x User Manual (Chinese & English Version)


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