Insect Vacuum Gun - Eco-friendly Bugs Buster

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This Insect Vacuum Gun was specially designed for those who don't want to use poisons or other killing measurements against insects, pests, bugs, and other creatures. Simply use this Insect Vacuum Gun with its vacuum suction force to draws bugs and insects into its clear pipe, and then release them outside in your garden. 


  • Eco-friendly - Nontoxic way to bust bugs and other unwanted insects. No need for dangerous sprays or harmful poisons.
  • Humanly - The most humane way to deal with the bugs and pest. Capture without injuring or killing the bugs. Just capture and release. 
  • Easy to use at home - Perfect for in-house, and especially for the kitchen where you really don't want to use poisons. 
  • Lightweight and portable design.
  • LED light for illumination - Especially good for dark corners.


  • Main Color: black
  • Length: 34.9cm/13.7inch
  • Suction Tube Size: 3.4x20cm/1.34x7.87inch
  • Material: ABS
  • Light Source: 1 x LED White Light
  • Powered by: 9V Battery (not included)





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