The Inferno Luxury Men's Lighter Watch - No Gas, Windproof, Rechargeable

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 Designed by a team of engineers the Inferno Luxury Men's Lighter Watch is made of a high-grade metal alloy for maximum durability. This electric lighter utilizes an eco-friendly, butane – free, non-toxic flameless and fluid less heating wire that is 100% USB rechargeable in only around 2 hours.

In addition to having a new, magnificent design, the Inferno Luxury Men's Lighter Watch can also work in the most extreme conditions. Whether it's windy or raining, this lighter will still be able to do its job. This amazing durability has made the Inferno Lighter one of the most powerful lighters available on the market today.

Main Features: 

As a watch: 

  • Built-in quartz movement for accurate timekeeping.
  • Unique lighting design with a delicate appearance and practical function.
  • Round dial and leather strap.
  • 3 Decorative small non-functioning sub-dials. 
  • One crown at the flank to adjust the time. 
  • Lightweight, small, and easy-to-take.
  • Fast charging - 2 hours. 
  • High-performance polymer aluminum battery that can be charged and discharged about 500 times.

As an electronic cigarette lighter: 

  • Environmentally friendly, without gas, USB rechargeable.
  • Windproof, lights cigarettes in all weather conditions.
  • Can charge through the USB interface by a charging cable which can be connected to a computer, cell phone charger, or other charging ports on any output voltage DC 5 V (output current is less than 3000 MA charger).
  • The system starts working when the LED light turn lit during usage.
  • When the lighter is open for about 10s, the flame will go out automatically.
  • The LED light will blink successively in case of under voltage, which means that batteries are in need of recharging.
  • When charging, the LED light will turn lit and it will become dark when the batteries are fully recharged.

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Male Quartz Watch Electronic Cigarette Lighter
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • Gift Box

Please note - On initial use after a long period of non use, connect the charger, then disconnect and reconnect the charger. After fully charged immediately disconnect the power source (generally full charge time is 2 hours). Do not leave a fully charged USB charging lighter connected to a power supply.


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