Hideout Rock™ - Secret Key Holder Made From a Rock

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The Hideout Rock™ is a secret key holder made of resin that looks like a real rock. It has a hole drilled into it so that you can put it in front of your home to store an emergency house key inside of it. Make sure that the Hideout Rock™ is around other rocks, otherwise, it may look suspicious with one rock sitting in the middle of your yard.

The Hideout Rock™ key holder will vary in size, color, and shape, like a  real rock. But it will likely measure around 6 x 8 x 3cm. 


  • A key holder that looks just like, well -- a rock.
  • An ingenious way to hide key 'in plain sight' so you or family members are never locked out again.
  • Molded poly-resin matches real rock in size, shape, texture, and color.
  • Weatherproof/windproof
  • The hidden tray underneath holds the house, car, or other keys.
  • It Goes 'undercover' among shrubs, grass, or landscape rocks/wood chips.


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