Elastic Precision: Semi-Automatic Rubber Band Hand Gun

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 This Rubber Band Gun is a wooden handgun that shoots rubber bands up to 20 feet away with the simple press of the trigger. Simply load the gun up with your rubber bands beforehand, and with each press of the trigger, a rubber band will be released. 


Perfect for rubber band fights where you need some better accuracy and would rather not use your fingers and risk having a misfire and launching it back into your eyeballs, the rubber band handgun makes shooting the enemies with rubber as simple and as precise as possible.
To load the rubber band gun simply catch the front notch of the gun with each rubber band, and stretch it all the way to the back of the gun.


The rubber band handgun is made from solid wood, shoots rubber bands with great accuracy at up to 20 feet away. 


  • Suitable age 3-year old and above.
  • Easy to operate.
  • A creative toy full of fun.
  • Great educational toy for kids.
  • No extra tools are needed
  • Great gift for a classmate, friend or kids.
  • It will give your kid or friend unforgettable memory on special days


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