Double Bubble Bra Saver Laundry Balls

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The Double Bubble Bra Saver Laundry Balls are the ideal washing solution to keep the shape of your bra!

Every woman knows that washing bras can suck the life out of them. They can get misshapen or the washing can ruin the underwireUse one of these Double Bubble Bra Saver Laundry Balls to keep bras safe and intact in the washing machine. 
Each set includes 2 balls (bigger and smaller) which are good to wash 1 bra. 


  • Protect bras from damage by washing machine or dryer. 
  • Designed according to the shape of the bra, the shape of the bra cup is fixed by the two balls, and the bra cup is not deformed during the cleaning process.
  • The straps can be placed in the smaller ball to keep them safe too. 
  • A small ball can be used for underwear.  
  • Material: PP resin
  • Size: large ball: diameter about 16cm high about 15cm; small ball: 10.5cm*11.5cm.
  • Color: White

Package includes: 

1* Double Bubble Bra Saver Laundry Balls + 1 Double Bubble Bra Saver Laundry Balls for free!


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