Chinese Herbal Hemorrhoid Magic Cream

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Hemorrhoids can happen at any age. More than HALF of Americans experience internal/external hemorrhoids after their 30th birthday. It is often caused by long-hour sitting/standing, greasy and spicy/unbalanced diet. And drivers, office ladies, and men, pregnant women are most likely to suffer from Hemorrhoids. 


Chinese Herbal Hemorrhoid Magic Cream has effective anti-inflammatory, astringent, and antiseptic medical properties to promotes the anal skin healing process. It also helps to restore dilated and inflamed veins to normal conditions. With emollient properties, it keeps bowel movement moist and stimulates the formation of new tissues. It gives a mild cooling sensation and soothing effect to calm inflamed tissues immediately.


  • Cures hemorrhoidsanal fissure, and prolapse of the anus.
  • Detoxifies inflamed area & stops bleeding, pain & swelling.
  • Promptly relieves itchingburning sensation, and discomfort.
  • Removes putrid tissues and promote new tissue growth.
  • Herbal formula for instant relief, prompt cure, & prevention.


    • Apply to the infected area 1-2 times a day after a wash. 



    • Main Ingredients: Cortex Phellodendron, Glycerol, Vaseline, Coptis Chinensis, Huang Ling
    • Net Weight 20 g

    Package Includes:

      • 1pc X Chinese Herbal Hemorrhoid Magic Cream


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