CarTray™ - Steering Wheel Table For Easy Eating and Working In The Car

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These days we do everything on the go. People are busier than ever. There's just not enough time in the day to get everything done. You and I both know what this means. It means that your meals are also all on the go. In fact, many of us take our meals in our cars as we go from here to there, always rushing. We should probably slow down and smell the roses occasionally, but if you can't do that, at least get the CarTray™ WheelMate. This handy solution turns your steering wheel into a tray, making it easier to dine or work right in your car.

The steering wheel table may not turn your car into a fine dining experience, but it makes things much easier and neater. Now you have your own personal car table. Feel free to set out some fancy utensils and drape a napkin over yourself, because now you are dining in style while rushing around. Maybe just don't use it while driving.

When not using the CarTray™ steering wheel table you can store it anywhere in your car, taking it out only when you need it. The car steering wheel tray will fit most standard cars or trucks, is made from Heat-resistant ABS, it weighs 460gr, and measures 42.5cm long x 28.5cm wide x 2.5cm in height.

The CarTray™ has two sides, one for eating and one for working. The eating side features a tray design with edges and a place for a cup. The working side is more flattened and there is a place for a pen or a pencil. 

To use the CarTray™ steering wheel tray, simply turn your steering wheel 180 degrees so that the bottom is on the top, stick in the CarTray™ so it's locked in place, and start using the tray to dine on or work with your laptop, phone, or tablet.


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