Bright Bed™ - Motion Activated Smart LED Bed Light

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  1. Do you have trouble finding the switch when you get up at night or trouble finding your way around in dark areas like a closet?
  2. Do you always feel a strong glare when you turn on the light suddenly from dark to bright?
  3. Do you often wake your family or friends when you do the above two?

You NEED...

MOTION ACTIVATED LED BED LIGHT Under Bed Lights Motion Sensor (2)


  • Smart Bed Light --- Light up automatically with Motion Activated Sensor, the warm soft glow of light will guide you safely across the room with no disturbing glare to wake others up and no fumbling to find the light switch in the darkness.
  • Feeling Safe At Night --- As your foot touches the floor, the room is softly illuminated to guide you gently and safely through the room.
  • Timer Adjustable --- You can adjust timer 30s to 380s.
  • Motion Sensor --- Ambient light automatic monitoring. Automatically turn on by human motion and shut off within the set time after leaving. Auto power on/off according to the ambient light level.
  • Dimmable - Brightness can be adjusted easily from 10 to 100%. 
  • Power Saving --- The motion-activated bed light only lights up when it picks up your movement in the darkness and auto shuts-off.  If enough light is present, the led light strip will not light up to save energy.
  • Multi-Application --- Not just bed light. The adhesive backing is easy to install under the bed and other places like the kitchen cabinet, living room sofa, bookshelves, closets, cupboard, stairway, furniture etc.
  • Easy Setup No tools Required --- Installed in few minutes with a few easy steps. Ready to attach with double adhesive tape. 

  • Energy consumption: 3W
  • Voltage rating: DC 12V
  • Lifespan:10 years (1 hour per day)
  • Sensor accommodation time:30 s- 380s
  • Dustproof &Waterproof grade: IP65
  • LED Strip Size: L * 47.23" W * 0.3" H * 0.08"
About Length:
1. LED light strip: 1.2m.
2. DC cable on the adapter: 1.5m 
3. DC cable on strip light: 1m
4. Branch cable: 1.5m / 4.9ft (each branch)


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  • 1. Clean and dry the surface of the stick area, ensure the place is dust-free and oil-free, then peel the tape off the paper and stick it to the desired area.
  • 2. Connect the Motion Sensor with LED Strip & and fix it on the surface you put the adhesive tape on. Make sure the sensor is not being blocked.
  • 3. Connect the Plug Adaptor to the LED Strip and then plug the adaptor into the socket.
  • 4. Set the Timer

Package included:

*1 x waterproof LED strip (length 1.2 meters)

*1 x Motion Light sensor 

* 1 x DC Cable.

Please Note: This motion activated bed light will only light up at night or in dark areas. Sometimes customers try lighting it up in the daytime and say it doesn't work but it's a night light, it won't light up in the daytime.


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