Amazing! Mind Boggling Domino Train

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What's the best part about dominoes? "Stack them up and Knock them Down" that's the best part. However stacking them up in the first place takes time, patience, and possessing a pair of steady hands! Tired of manually setting up your domino course?

With the Mind-Boggling motorized domino train, setting up your dominoes is easier than ever! Featuring 60 domino pieces and one motorized train, this domino train toy aims to provide fun and entertainment for kids of all ages (that includes the husband too lol!). 

Just fill the domino brick cartridge with the bricks, place it into the top of the train, and press the start button. The train will then start to move forward and drop bricks intermittently behind it. The bricks will be spaced perfectly apart to be knocked down!


  • Easy and automatic setting up your dominoes. 
  • Featuring 60 domino pieces and one motorized train for endless fun.
  • Provide fun and entertainment for kids of all ages.
  • Powered by 2 AA batteries (Note: batteries not provided due to strict international shipping requirements).
  • The train can be steered to turn left or right while laying bricks by turning the yellow funnel on the top of it.
  • Kids love this building toy, and they love watching the chain reaction of dominoes.
  • A fun, active toy that helps kids with concentration and fine motor skills. 
  • For kids aged 3+ (kids under 3 should be supervised due to small components)
How to use:
  • Simply load the cartridge by pushing it down onto the dominoes.
  • Attach the cartridge to the top of the train and switch the train on!
  • Turn the train’s funnel to steer left and right.
  • As the train moves forward, it will deposit the standing dominoes in a row.
  • Reload the cartridge when empty, turn on the train and continue until you have used all the dominoes.
  • Once you’ve created your domino course, knock them down! Ideal on wooden, laminate, or smooth surfaces.

  • Come as red or transparent in color.
  • Comes with either a choice of with box or no product box
  • Made from children-friendly material: ABS plastic
  • Ages 3 and Up.
  • Dimensions: 15.5cm (L) x 7cm (W) x 10.6cm(Train Height)/ 22.5cm (H) with domino cartridge) 
Package includes:
1 X Train.
1 X domino cartridge.
60 X domino bricks. 



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