A Wristband Emergency Flotation Device - Anti-Drowning Bracelet

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The World Health Organization estimates that 370,000 people drown each year, and according to the United States Coast Guard 82 percent of those people were not wearing a life jacket. The Wristband Emergency Flotation Device is an emergency life preserver that you can strap right to your wrist in case you don't feel like wearing a life jacket. It's lightweight and portable design makes it much less bulky than a life preserver.

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To use it simply pull the lever on the wristband and the flotation device will inflate within seconds, thus floating you to the surface of the water. The Wristband Emergency Flotation Device uses capsules so you don't have to buy a new device every time you use it. Simply replace the capsule and hop back in the water and try not to drown this time.


The idea behind the Wristband Emergency Flotation Device is that you wear a seatbelt while you're in the car, you wear a helmet while you ride a bike, but how do you protect yourself while in the water. Granted there are life jackets, but who the hell wants to wear a bulky life jacket that's going to cover up your sweet tan.

Each Wristband Emergency Flotation Device you purchase comes with 4 cylinders so that you can drown up to 4 times before you need to purchase more. To replace the cylinder simply remove the used cylinder, fold the flotation bag back into its pouch, and screw in the new cylinder.


The Wristband Emergency Flotation Device is tested and proven to provide buoyancy to an adult that weighs over 275 lbs, comes in one size that should fit most people (adult or children), currently only comes in black.

Airbag uses TPU composite material, it is wear-resistant and durable enough. 
Soft silicone wrist strap ensures comfortable and safe to wear. 
The buckle is made of plated metal, it is not rusty.
Adjustable strap fit different sizes of a wrist, not only for adult but also for children.
Perfect for swimming, surfing, fishing or even diving.

Very easy to operate, airbag can be inflated in seconds
Anti-drowning bracelet will reassurance you and relax your mind when you play in the natatorium or swimming pool. 
Portable to carry, it is very useful while swimming in danger
Can be a wonderful present for your kid or your friends.

Material: PC, PVC silicone
Wristband size: 29*8*3.2cm
Air bottle: 8.31*1.85cm
Package size: 12.2*11.2*9cm
Band color: black
Airbag color: orange

Package included:
1 x Anti-Drowning Lifesaving Wristband
4 x Air Bottles (note: each Co2 cylinder can only be used once) 
1 x User Guide   


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