RopeChop™ - Pull The Rope To Get Your Salad!

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No more hassle of chopping vegetables.
Extremely easy to use, clean, and set up.
Works well to chop fruits and vegetables to the ideal consistency.
The RopeChop™ is a new and nifty device that makes it so much easier to chop vegetables and fruits. The product is a manually powered product, which means that there is no need to plug it into the electricity for it to work. Those who use the  RopeChop™ find it to be a great solution for chopping onions, making salsa, and so much more.


How Does The RopeChop™ Work?
The  RopeChop™ is a small container with a blade inside. Upon putting the food in the RopeChop™, simply cover the top with the cover. Then, there is a lever on the side that when pulled, will start to spin the blades so that what is in the processor will get chopped up into pieces.
Control Consistency with the RopeChop™
One of its most positive qualities convenient is that the consistency can be controlled easily. By pulling the lever, the user can decide just how much to chop the food in the processor. More pulling will spin the blades and lead to a finer consistency and few pulls will lead to less spinning and therefore, more coarse results. The RopeChop™ container is also transparent so that it is easy to assess the coarseness of the food in the chopper and to decide from there.
The Benefits of the RopeChop™


A Positive Kitchen Experience
  • Leads to an easy kitchen experience. Makes it so much easier to chop and cut fruits and vegetables but can also cut meat.
  • Users can finely chop and cut so much easier and enjoy the quick results as well.
Easy To Use
  • Adding such a product to one’s kitchen routine, the cooking experience becomes a breeze.
A Breeze to Clean
  • Simple to clean. Clean the bowl first with soap and water, then, wash the blade carefully because it sharp! Clean the cover and the lever just by running it under water and by pulling the lever. Compatible with a dishwasher.
  • Made of ABS plastic and stainless steel blade It will last for years to come.
Size Bowl :8.5*12.5*8cm / 3.14" x 3.34" x 4.92"


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